The Front-end team

With passion we work on tomorrow's future

About us

You could describe us as fresh, driven, innovative and technical. We are always looking for a new challenge and full of energy! And we need it, because we have some amazing yet challenging projects to work on. At the moment there are 12 of us, almost 50/50 divided between our offices in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Everybody within the team has his or her specialties, and as we work closely with both design and back-end, we love that. One is a born creative, the other more technical. This balance makes our team strong. We don’t care if you are an intern, newbie or senior, everybody is equal!

Tools & Frameworks
  • React
  • Redux
  • Javascript
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Webpack
  • Typescript
  • React Native

Meet the team

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Our projects

We work agile by using the Scrum-method and we build our projects in React with Redux. When communicating with clients, we want to be in direct contact with them. Because we don’t work for clients, we work with them. We visit their offices for kickoffs, meetings, demo’s and retrospectives and show our progress in person. Although it’s a big responsibility, it’s also super cool to show at the Porsche HQ what you have build.

We don’t build static web pages but get the opportunity to build complex web apps and data structures. If we can’t fix something we look it up, if we can’t make it work we search for a solution. This way we grow fast, not only as a team, but also as individuals.

One of our current projects is a web application for a big grocery supplier. It’s a technical project for which we need to use all kinds of different technologies like React, Redux and server-side rendering. We never start building something we are always looking for the problem that we need to solve for the end user. Of course we want to use cool techniques but in the end adding value is more important!







Progressive Web Apps


22 weeks (11 sprints)

Monthly users
(18000 Porsches in the Netherlands)


Being consistent from the basis is of utmost importance to a digital product agency like us. Therefore we started developing React-Prime, a React boilerplate ready to build extensive and modern web applications. We spent a lot of time doing research to project structures and industry standards, and connected these to our own preferences. Besides that we always aim to provide React-Prime with the newest and stablest techniques to ensure it's always up to date. We're now at version 6 and it has already been the basis of 20 of our project. You can say we're quite proud of it, so proud that we even decided to create our own logo.

More about Porsche

Winning the war on alignment

As a Creative Developer, you are often building designs you got from a designer colleague. When adding a new element, you might struggle to get their size, margins, padding, positioning, spacing and all that, pixel perfect.

Ronald Baars
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Our culture

This is how we roll

Code reviews, good communication, a happy team and working together: that’s what we find important. Besides that we are growing as a team by setting goals and keep raising our bar. We want to deliver perfect code, but above all we want everybody to feel good in the team. That’s why we rate how we feel during our front-end syncs. When it’s low we first solve that before we go on. If we don’t feel well, our projects won’t go well.

Staying on top of new techniques and innovations is key for us. But we see the difference between new technologies that are here to stay and hypes that will pass by in a couple of weeks.

What we stand for!

  • Be eager

    We are eager in everything we do, with room for failure we learn and grow fast.

    We aim to be the best in what we do, therefore we innovate and put ourselves in the client’s shoes. Make it happen!

  • Strive for fulfillment

    We’re passionate about our craftsmanship and what we create. We care about our work and in return it adds value to our clients and Label A. We make impact!

  • Love what you do

    50% of our awake state we work. Therefore it’s important we enjoy our jobs and be mindful about our work life balance.

    Make sure you enjoy your job. Happiness is key!

  • We look out for each other

    We’re a family. Every person is unique and we foster that. Trust is our core. We treat each other equally and with respect. Whatever happens, we help each other out. Workwise or personal. Stay authentic!


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We strive to add value to your career!

Grow bigger

Our goal as Label A is that we will add value to your career! By adding value to peoples career we believe we can add value to the whole tech industry! We can be your kickstarter or maybe the accelerator in your work life.


First half year

A great onboarding is important to get the right start at Label A. We want you to get all the tools and help you need to be your best self!

Based on research they say it takes you half a year to be truly onboarded to a company, to completely own your job en feel comfortable and engaged.


Close guidance

We find it important that everybody gets close guidance and enough feedback in the first months to make sure expectations are clear and you feel comfortable in your new job. That’s why we have a program with check-in, evaluations and retrospectives ready for every newbie!


Way of working

We love SCRUM! To make sure everybody has the same way of working you will follow a training at Scrum academy with all the other newbies! If you want to you can go up for your Scrum Master certificate. We always try to let you join a project for the first two sprints, to experience Scrum on the job.


Emergenetics workshop

During this workshop you get your own profile of your thinking and behavioral preferences. You will also learn to understand the profile of your team members, how cool is that!

Want to know more about us?

This is Freya, your to-go-to-woman for all your questions. Well, not all, but you get the point.

Want to know more about a vacant position? About our organization? Want to get to know us over a cup of coffee? Drop her a line or give her a call. See you soon?