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With passion we work on tomorrow's future

About us

We are innovative, challenging and diverse, just like the projects we work on. As we have several nationalities in our team, English is the way to go. As each mobile developer has its own expertise in either iOS and Android, we code in different languages on different platforms, but all within one team. This means that we need to work with each other and need to be flexible!

Our team’s challenge is to look further than smartphones. This means we also work with watches, Apple/Google TV, domotica, Siri, Alexa and other smart (home) devices. We love checking out the newest releases to see what it can mean to our clients and to us as a company. The mobile team takes the responsibility of exploring and testing these devices and, in case they are stable, implementing them for our clients.

Tools & Frameworks


  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • Firebase
  • Gradle
  • Git
  • Android SDK


  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • Firebase
  • Cocoapods
  • Git
  • Alamofire

Meet the team

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Our projects

We work agile by using the Scrum-method. For new projects we work with Swift and Kotlin, but we all provide support for Java and Objective-C. During our projects we work closely with our designers (or sometimes a specialized Design agency). They challenge us with top notch design full of epic animations and transitions.

We love to surprise our clients with something extra, for example an extra Apple watch app that we secretly build, or a Siri connection which makes it possible to use the app via Siri

What makes Label A unique is the close contact with our clients. We show and explain our own work to the client during kickoffs, meetings, demo’s and retrospectives. This a big responsibility but we love it! Especially if it means that we can go to Porsche HQ with the whole team.



iOS: Swift

Android: Java, Kotlin


24 weeks (12 sprints)

Monthly user


Greenwheels lets you use shared cars around you, so you don't have to worry about annoying insurance costs, taxes and maintenance. De cars needed to be unlockable in an instant: the perfect challenge for us. The app is a collaboration between us, the Greenwheels IT and Studio Kraftwerk. Codebase-wise it is the biggest app we currently maintain. It has around 25k monthly users.

More about greenwheels

What Apple’s iOS 12 means to developers

It’s that time of the year again. iOS 12, Apple’s newest mobile operating system, will be coming to your iPhones soon. This means that we, mobile developers, are preparing ourselves and our work for this major update. We are making sure all our apps will sail smooth at launch, but it also means we get new features to play with! We installed the new beta as soon as Apple gave us access and have been looking into cool new things we can start using soon. In this article we’ve highlighted the ones for you that will impact the daily use of iOS 12 the most.

Jordi de Kock
What Apple’s iOS 12 means to developers
Our culture

How we roll

Our goal is: “As mobile developers we want to be proficient in writing testable, scalable apps by working together and broadening our horizons”. We strive for readable code and apps that are clean, stable, well structured and crash free.

But fun is as important as making apps. We love to experiment with hardware and new technologies but also to go out for a party or joining concerts. What would you like to do? We can do it for our next team activity!

What we stand for!

  • Be eager

    We are eager in everything we do, with room for failure we learn and grow fast.

    We aim to be the best in what we do, therefore we innovate and put ourselves in the client’s shoes. Make it happen!

  • Strive for fulfillment

    We’re passionate about our craftsmanship and what we create. We care about our work and in return it adds value to our clients and Label A. We make impact!

  • Love what you do

    50% of our awake state we work. Therefore it’s important we enjoy our jobs and be mindful about our work life balance. Make sure you enjoy your job. Happiness is key!

  • We look out for each other

    We’re a family. Every person is unique and we foster that. Trust is our core. We treat each other equally and with respect. Whatever happens, we help each other out. Workwise or personal. Stay authentic!


Android Developer, Rotterdam
Android Developer, Amsterdam
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We strive to add value to your career!

Grow bigger

Our goal as Label A is that we will add value to your career! By adding value to peoples career we believe we can add value to the whole tech industry! We can be your kickstarter or maybe the accelerator in your work life.


First half year

A great onboarding is important to get the right start at Label A. We want you to get all the tools and help you need to be your best self!

Based on research they say it takes you half a year to be truly onboarded to a company, to completely own your job en feel comfortable and engaged.


Close guidance

We find it important that everybody gets close guidance and enough feedback in the first months to make sure expectations are clear and you feel comfortable in your new job. That’s why we have a program with check-in, evaluations and retrospectives ready for every newbie!


Way of working

We love SCRUM! To make sure everybody has the same way of working you will follow a training at Scrum academy with all the other newbies! If you want to you can go up for your Scrum Master certificate. We always try to let you join a project for the first two sprints, to experience Scrum on the job.


Emergenetics workshop

During this workshop you get your own profile of your thinking and behavioral preferences. You will also learn to understand the profile of your team members, how cool is that!

Want to know more about us?

This is Freya, your to-go-to-woman for all your questions. Well, not all, but you get the point.

Want to know more about a vacant position? About our organization? Want to get to know us over a cup of coffee? Drop her a line or give her a call. See you soon?